Latest milestones….

So here’s some of the latest milestones….

First off, we are now #79 in the rankings, the HIGHEST we have EVER BEEN, and it’s only getting BETTER!

First time our top 20 has all been over 1000+ppd
First time our Average PPD for a team is 2000+ppd/active user
Our top 2 users produce roughly 43% of our daily total.
Our top 10 users produce about 75% of our daily total.
Six users with over 6,000+ppd
10 users over 3,000+ppd
20 users over 1000+ppd
70+ active users each month.
In the last 3 months, we’ve gone from 2 million points/month to 4 million points/month.
We also now have 10 users over the 1 million point mark.
Our team has just surpassed 40 million in points, averaging nearly 140,000 ppd.

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  1. alexzogh said

    am October 22 2008 @ 1:18 am

    1 week from now I’ll turn Chemp into a Chump….

    #1 here I come!

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